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We are in the eighth edition of our New Year's trip !! This year the trip will be from 29/12 to 02/01 with our fleet of famous Love Boats! We have two types of packages this year:


The Love Boa has the alternative face, partying, a bit hippie-chic. It has the services that  Love Boat Lux has, which leaves the trip comfortable and with certain perks such as bartenders, yoga classes, open air cinema on board, etc ...The Love Boat have option of accommodation in hammocks and some cabins (rooms).

The Love Boat Lux is the one that has more comfort. There are no commotion in hammocks, but suites with air conditioning, single, double or triple. This does not make you miss the AMZ vibe because it also has bar, djs, terrace full of cushions, etc.

More details here!

Do you want to feel at home in Alter village? Rent with us!

Welcome home!

Nothing beats feeling at home wherever we are. With that in mind, we selected the best Alter houses for you to stay and have a cozy experience and experience what it would be like to live in this village so full of magic.


We have homes for all tastes, or if you prefer, we can book your hostel as well. Have a look here!

Let's celebrate New Year's Eve party?

Picture a party set under the starry Amazonian sky, as you feel the sand underneath your feet at the world's most beautiful beach and river. Welcome to the scenario of the seventh edition of our New Year's Eve party, always marked by the presence of good friends, great music and awesome drinks. Think Brazil, carimbó, lambada, regional music of the State of Pará, cumbia, funk-groove and any other rhythm that helps us dance the night away.

It is nevertheless necessary to bear in mind that it is above all the home to people, to those who are the true guardians of the forest: the local communities, quilombolas (descendants of the former slaves) and native Indians.


Having such reality in mind, we have decided to plant a tree for every ticket to the new year's eve party sold. Also, the locals will who live in the neighboring communities will all be VIP guests to our parties – our guests will have the honor of inviting our illustrious hosts to this party! VIP and we mean it!

Buy your ticket here!




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