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Our 13th edition of LOVE BOAT, another very special year sailing along the Tapajós and Arapiuns rivers! 

We will have 2 boats with lots of beautiful people, good food, good drinks, parties, visits to riverside communities, cinema and much more! Let's take all this through the biggest paradises in the Amazon, deserted beaches, streams and forests...

Our New Year's party will be on a deserted beach, where we will meet people who will be at the retreat or who buy a separate invitation.

At first we will only have 48 vacancies  to live this experience, so come on!


We thought of the itinerary in such a way that the experiences are as in-depth and taken advantage of so that you return home with the seed of the Amazon in your heart. You will get to know the most beautiful points of the Tapajós and Arapiuns rivers, but with your "floating house" right there, far from the tourist agglomerations. You will learn about the Amazon through the voice of riverside leaders, local guides, wonderful figures who have been our friends for years. You will dance at sunset in the best spots for it. You will see the stars each night on a different deserted beach. There will be the most beautiful New Year's party in the world, on a secret beach, with torches, wonderful music, freedom. You'll eat so well that you'll want to repeat it 3 times, and you can. Go have your drinks at ease. You will be happy, soooo happy.

See the detailed roadmap in the buttons below.


This is our houseboat. The boats have a restaurant on the first floor, a hammock and some rooms on the second, a lounge with mats, cushions, a bar and a suite on the third.


We always travel with 1/4 of the maximum capacity for the Navy. This year we have a boat with 36 people (package of 6 days and 5  nights) and another smaller boat with capacity for 18 people (package of 5 days and 4 nights).


The best thing is to sleep and wake up with 360 degrees of paradise, feel the wind that beats while you rock in the hammock, have all that abundance in the most remote and beautiful places with incredible company.  

See more  details here.


It is always a very special surprise that we produce with great care. The party is with your feet in the sand, on a beach with white sand, there's always a mara pistinha, a bonfire, lounge, drinks at will and there's no time to end.  The vibe reigns and we turn under the most beautiful sky to enter with axé the year to come.

This is the moment when everyone comes together, who travels with the Love Boat and who buys a single invitation! The party is included in the package, but if you have a friend who just wants to come for the New Year, you can buy an invitation with us:




In the buttons below you will see detailed roadmap, values and what is included and not included.

* Para grupos a partir de 12 pessoas, damos 5% de desconto para todos do grupo!

* Crianças de até 12 anos ganham 20% de desconto

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Next steps:

1) Carefully read the instructions in the "important information" button above.

2) Pay the first installment (see as in the button  above "payment methods") and program the others. Important: for payments in installments we only accept scheduled transfers.

3) Send proof of payment to email The title of your email must have your name + proof of payment.

4) Sign up using the button above.

5) If you have any questions, contact us in the contact below.


Adhara Luz

+ 55 11 997030906 (Live / zap)

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